Ultimate Guide To The Most Powerful Badminton Smash

A powerful smash is one of the best ways to end a badminton rally and get the point. But how can we do it? Join us to learn more about this aggressive technique!

Let me ask you a question:

What is the coolest way to end a badminton rally and win a point?

A drop shot? Maybe. Some people would prefer that gentle types of scoring.

A powerful jump smash

But we could tell you that it is a powerful smash that is the most exciting way to win a rally! It’s like a slam dunk in basketball. These high-speed, powerful, and assertive hits are the best finish-off ever.

Follow us to find out the answer of how to hit a smash in badminton right below!

About The Smash

Before jumping right in the smashing technique, we would want to make these things clear for you: what do you target in a badminton smash, and what is the drawback of this aggressive playing style.

Target Of A Badminton Smash

There are two main purposes when a player performs a badminton smash:

One, he (or she) wants to finish off the rally and take the point.

Two, he is forcing the competitor to deliver a weak return.

It depends on whether you are playing badminton single or double that you choose to do the smash less or more often. Badminton double requires a lot of smash hit, while single players always consider if they should do the smash or not due to uncertain power of the return.

Unwanted Trouble

Although badminton smash is way too cool and effective, they might lead to some unwanted problems:

  1. Slowing down in reaction right after the smash

This is exactly why the single players need to be careful when they do the smash. It is alright if the return is as weak as expected, but if it is a strong return, then you would not be able to react fast enough (which includes moving to the right position and preparing)!

  1. Risk of counter hit after a baseline smash

If you want to perform a steep smash, then you will have to do it around the baseline. But it is the slowing effect after a smash that gives our opponent the chance to counter our attack.

  1. Give off accuracy for strength

This is a regular rule: if you want your hit to be stronger, you should know that it would lead to less accuracy. For a more accurate hit, you will need to reduce the force you put into that smash.

So, the question here is: what is the ratio between strength and accuracy that you want?

Types Of Smash

There are only three types of badminton smash: the basic, the jump, and the backhand smash. You should learn them in this respective order, which is better for beginners because of the jump and backhand smash is not that easy to control.

Basic Smash

As its name suggests, the basic smash is the most simple badminton smash technique. It is somewhat similar to the lobbying technique in the shuttlecock’s flying path.

To perform a basic badminton smash, you need not jump. Just standing in your ready position and swing the racket over your head. This technique is not so exhausting, so try to perform it multiple times in the rally to keep your opponent busy.

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Jump Smash

Here it is, the coolest and most effective smash ever!

What is better than jumping in the air to do a powerful hit and win?

The jump smash offers a much steeper and stronger tricky hit. You will need to learn the correct jump smash technique to make the most power out of a hit. This type of smash also comes with more risk and physical fatigue than the basic one.

Backhand Smash

The backhand is definitely the most difficult badminton technique! Not recommended for the newbie!

Why is it so difficult?

Because it’s hard to add power to the hit when you are in the backhand position, a smash with medium power can only be performed from the midline. However, it can surprise your opponent if they did a weak hit beforehand and get you a winning point.

In case you find it uneasy to imagine some smash movements from words and pictures, here is a video of some recorded smash in badminton.

How To Smash In Badminton

Probably the thing you want to know now is how to improve badminton skills for a powerful smash.

The answer is practice! There are some exercises for badminton smash online that you can follow, or you can ask your trainer for a precise guide.

Here we have three brief badminton smash tips for you to refer:

#1: Moving To The Right Position

You have to be in the right position to perform a powerful smash. For example, if you cannot do the backhand, then do not let the shuttlecock to be on your non-racket foot side.

Practice a lot will help you see the link between the position and power of your smash.

#2: Getting In Ready Posture

This is when how you grip the racket would matter. Too tight, and you will lose your accuracy. Good badminton smash grip will help you perform the most powerful hit with great precision.

Here is the correct grip that you should follow:

Badminton grip for smash

#3: Hit The Smash

The picture below describes one of the most effective jumps smashes.

Do not try to hit the shuttlecock too hard; instead, make use of the swing and momentum to make the fastest and most aggressive hit.

Hit the smash

To Wrap Up

Have you learned anything useful from our guide to the most powerful smash in badminton yet?

If you find this smash technique interesting, then you should practice more until you can do it smoothly! We recommend you find a trainer or someone who can help you fix the posture and position for improvement.

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Please tell us if you have any tips that help with badminton smash in the comment section below! Thank you for reading!