Which is the Best Badminton Racket For Smashing?

Some badminton players want to pursue a professional career, while others do not. However, there is a badminton technique called “the smash” which is favorite to both professionals and amateurs.

Do you want to practice this technique? Then, you should keep on reading our article about 10 best badminton rackets for smash.

Table of Contents

In this article, there are many useful pieces of information:

  • The definition of Badminton Smash Technique
  • How to choose the right racket for smash practitioners
  • A brief comparison of the best smashing badminton rackets
  • Specific rackets with detailed reviews

What is Badminton Smash Technique?

A badminton smash is the most potent offensive shot and can help you win the points if it is executed with great power and speed.

There are 3 main types of the smash:

  • The forehand smash: This technique creates an opportunity for players to put their opponents in the situation of moving to the frontcourt. It means that the middle and back of the court are free and you can exploit it.
  • The jumping smash: This is suitable when the shuttlecock is still in the air and expecting to land in the middle of the court.
  • The backhand smash: This is a skillful maneuver that includes excellent timing skills and hand-eye coordination. It creates a trap for rivals who expect a drop or a clear.

What to Look for When Buying A Badminton Racket for Smash?

Besides the technique, a good badminton racket does contribute to the success of a deadly smash. Here are some common characteristics that make up a smashing racket.

1.     Head Heavy Balance

A head heavy racket means that the heavier point of the racket lies mainly in its head.

In Physics, due to the heavier head and lighter shaft, the momentum of the players is increased considerably.  Thus, when players hit a smash, more power is added in shots, increasing their edge over the opponents.

2.     3U Weight

In Physics, we have a formula of Force = Mass x Acceleration. This means that the heavier a racket is, the more powerful a smash is.

Racket weight range from U to 6U. Vietnamese badminton players usually choose 3U rackets, while 4U or 5U ones are for women and children.

However, it is not wise to choose either too heavy or too light one. For smash practitioners, 3U rackets, around 85 – 89 grams, are highly recommended due to its medium weight. This gives you enough power to smash the shuttlecock and move quickly at the same time.

3.     Stiff Shaft

The power of a smash is also related to vibrations. The stiffer shaft transmits more vibrations, allowing you to return the shuttle immediately.

4.     26 – 28 lbs String Tension

The string tension, which can be adjusted, decides the time a shuttlecock stays on the racket.

A standard badminton racket has a string tension of 20 – 24 lbs. However, to hit more powerful smashes, you should restring at a higher tension, about 26 – 28 lbs.

5.     Thin Strings

If you have an opportunity, then remember to pay attention to and choose the racket strings carefully.

For smashing, a thinner string will produce more power so that you can hit harder.

6.     Grip Size

Along with the weight parameter, there is another one called grip size, noted as ‘G’. The larger the value of G is, the bigger the perimeter of the grip is.

Adult players are usually advised to choose G2 or G3 so that they will not get tired when holding the rackets.

Our Pick of The Best Badminton Rackets for Smash

Many stores have introduced numerous good smashing badminton rackets. We have tried all and summed up our top rackets for recommendations.

Now we will introduce you to the top 10 badminton rackets for smashing that you definitely can try.

What are you waiting for, let’s go!

#1: Yonex Arcsaber 11

The Yonex Arcsaber 11 Version 2013 badminton racket is an upgraded version of Yonex Arcsaber 10.

It has all the strengths of Arcsaber 10, including accurate shuttle hit and drop. Along with that, this badminton racket is balanced between attack and defense.

Yonex Arcsaber 11 Badminton Racquet

Yonex Arcsaber 11 Version 2013


  • A balance between attack and defense
  • Accurate and powerful smashes


  • Inappropriate for beginners

The frame is curved at attack points which helps the shuttle stay longer on the racket. Simultaneously, more energy is stored and released at the attack points, making the smash powerful.

Moreover, the two sides of the frame are made from CS carbon, increasing the elasticity and reducing the tiredness when performing a strong smash.

All in all, this is ideal for those who play mainly in the backcourt. However, in drawback, this is not highly recommended for beginners due to the high string tension.

#2: Yonex Nanoray Z

It is safe to say that Yonex is the leading manufacturer in terms of badminton rackets and other accessories. This is because the brand provides a wide range of choice of high-quality products – for all levels of players.

Take this Yonex Nanoray Z, for example.

The application of SBZ (also known as Snap Back Zone) in the racket allows the max speed and ultimate power of the players. This is due to the thinner frame, along with the use of more elastic material, at the middle point between two sides of the racket head.

More excitingly, both frame and shaft are specifically designed to absorb vibrations and support powerful shots.

However, Yonex Nanoray Z can bring tiredness for aggressive players who want to put the opponents to the backcourt quickly.


  • Vibrations absorption
  • Suitable for jumping smash


  • Tiredness for aggressive players

#3: Yonex Duora 10


  • Eye-catchy design
  • High acceleration


  • Low-quality delivery

At first sight, the Yonex Duora 10 is really eye-catching with the colorful design.

Besides that, the combination of the technology of Dual Optimum System and Nanometric has brought a more explosive acceleration.

Accordingly, Nanometric technology helps to strengthen the bond between carbon fibers. Simultaneously, the amount of carbon in the shaft is decreased to make it thinner while retaining the stiffness for a more comfortable match.

In short, they are a good choice for strong forehand smash and fast backhand drive.

The only thing you should take note is that quite some people complain about the low-quality delivery of this racket. Several rackets are delivered with scratches or defects.

#4: Yonex Arcsaber 11 Version 2017

At a glance, this Yonex Arcsaber 11 Version 2017 badminton racket looks quite similar to the first-reviewed Yonex products on the list, doesn’t it?

Then, you are partly right!

It is an up-gradation of that in Version 2013. This badminton racket adopts the designs and technologies of its brothers.


  • Contact surface control
  • Little vibrations


  • Difficult for weak wrist players

The main differences lie in the ability to repel the shuttlecock. The head heavy balance combined with little vibrations assists players in controlling the contact surface of the shuttle.

Nevertheless, weak wrists players may find this racket difficult to control and play due to the stiff shaft.

#5: Yonex Voltric 7 Lin Dan

We can’t help but introducing the Yonex rackets. It is owing to their high-quality components for smashing, and more.

This Yonex Voltric 7 is no exception. It is a special edition with a beautiful design of detailed navy patterns on the frame.

Crafted with a graphite frame, T-joint construction, and thin frame, the air resistance is minimized when you make a swing in the air.

Moreover, to make sure that players can hit the shuttle with a wide surface, the designers have made the surface 88% larger than other ordinary badminton rackets.


  • Geometric patterns
  • Graphite frame


  • Not for defensive players

#6: YONEX Voltric 1 DG

If you are interested in the sound made when the shuttle hits the racket, then the Yonex Voltric 1 DG is your best smashing badminton racket.

The weight is classified in the 4U category and the average weight is about 88g. The size of the grip is G5 (the standard), meaning you will have a comfortable time holding this Yonex Voltric 1 DG.

Each side of the racket head is thinner, making it more elastic to transmit more force when hitting a smash.

Players may have the feeling of a lack of control of this badminton racket during the first time. Still, in the long term, it turns out to be a perfect smashing machine.

One clearly-seen disadvantage is that it is not designed for aggressive players due to low string tension.


  • Loud sound when shuttle hits
  • Standard grip size of G5


  • Low string tension

#7: Wilson Recon PX

Featuring many technologies, the Wilson Recon PX can’t be out of this top 10 best badminton smashing rackets list.

With aerodynamics improvement and head stability, it is good at repelling the shuttle in an immediate and accurate way.

To make up a quick response shot, it is due to:

  • A powerful frame that enables a small movement to turn into stronger forces for smashing.
  • Soft Grommet technology to relieve the players’ tiredness through dampening vibrations.
  • Thumb Top Cap, which is designed to handle precisely at midcourt and close to the net areas.

All in all, this Wilson Recon PX is fairly suitable for beginners and intermediate players.


  • Aerodynamics improvement
  • Quick response shots


  • Not for aggressive players

#8: Yonex Voltric 100  Taufik

As the mid-range racket, the Yonex Voltric 100 Taufik is still on the list and will surprise us with its power and speed.

The racket shaft is rich in graphite which enhances the tension and reduces the vibrations and eventually minimizes the risk of torsional distortion.

Meanwhile, the head-heavy balance creates an extra force when hitting a smash. This badminton racket is a good choice for the fast drive and forehand shots.

However, its drawbacks include difficult maneuvers and lack of speed in defense.


  • Speedy handling
  • Rich in graphite


  • Difficulty in maneuvering

#9: Apacs Nano 900

As one of the cheapest smashing badminton rackets on this list, the Apacs Nano 900 still astonished us with its advanced technologies.

The first thing to talk about is the frame. This badminton racket’s frame is made from the most advanced material, and thus, it is more durable and lighter, facilitating continuous drives.

For control and power, the racket is equipped with two Apacs latest technologies:

  • MicroTi: included in the top of the frame, increasing the time the shuttle stays on the racket.
  • ElasticTi: in the frame and shaft to store and release energy for smash.

This badminton racket is favored mainly by tactical and semi-offensive players.


  • Low price
  • Colorful design


  • Not for beginners

#10: Apacs EdgeSaber 10

The Apacs EdgeSaber 10 is the last badminton racket for smashing that we would like to introduce today.

Interestingly, this badminton racket is made from carbon fibers, making it more durable to withstand different weather.

Even more, the Apacs EdgeSaber 10 uses the technology of Whipslim, which means the stiffness is increased for higher string tension.

However, its elasticity is at a medium rate; therefore, beginners may meet difficulties in controlling the target of the shuttlecock when hitting a smash.


  • Adequate defense
  • Durability


  • Medium elasticity


Playing badminton is a good choice for health and entertainment. Likewise, smashing is a great technique to help players win the points.

We hope that, through this article, you can choose your own best badminton racket for smash.

For more information and more badminton rackets, please contact us.

Now, thanks for reading!